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Bihar is power starved state there are not sufficient power projects in the state which can cater the energy need in Bihar. For this purpose Bihar State Hydro Electric Power Corporation was constituted in Dec. 1982 with a mandate to harness all possible resources of hydro energy to meet the existing demand gap of power. BSHPC is giving  close attention to exploiting small energy resources and renewable energy recourse. BSHPC has identified several mini hydel projects in Bihar.  Bathnaha is one of them.

Parman river is a perennial rivulet, which originates from Nepal and enters India near Jogbani this water as per the studies also comes from ice melting from Tibet also to the extent 57% and now it is increased due several earth wakes the seepage also passing through fracture of rocks due earth wakes and remaining water is through Nepal . The river crosses Birpur-Bathnaha-Jogbani road opposite to railway Bridge on Forbisgang-Jogbani section of NEF railway. Another perennial rivulet Burhi Dhar joins Parman river is at 500 m upstream of the above road bridge. The road bridge on Parman river is of 100 m span and the river bed is about 5 m to 6 m deep. The road bridge is located about  3 km from Jogbani and 1.5 km from Bathnaha.


i. State : Bihar
ii. District : Araria
iii. River : Parman
i. Longitude : North 26o 30
ii. Latitude : East 87o15
iii. Access to the Project : (NH)
iv. Airport : – 300 Km
v. Rail Head : Forbisganj-6 Km.
vi. Port : Kolkata


i. Type : Run of the river
ii. Installed capacity : 4 x 2.0 = 8.0 MW
i. Maximum annual rainfall : 2191 mm
ii. Minimum annual rainfall : 1291 mm
iii. Maximum intensity (one day) : 318.5 mm
iv. Design Flood : 2000 m3/s


i. Maximum Gross Head : 6.55 mm
ii. Minimum Gross Head : 6.00 m
iii. Design (Rated) Head : 5.0 m
iv. Discharge available for power generation : 193.5 m3/sec at 75% dependable year
v. Installed Capacity : 4 x 2.0 MW
vi. Annual Energy Generation : 35.075 MU
i. Type of Diversion Structure : Gated concrete weir
ii. Length : 153.5 m
iii. Height : 7.0 m
iv. No. of Gates : 20
v. Width of each pier : 1.5 m
vi. Clear Span : 6.25 m


i. Length : 45 m
ii. Width : 28.30 m
iii. Height : 29.2 m
iv. Machine hall floor level : EL 53.0 m
i. Type : Horizontal Axis ‘S’ type Tubular Turbine.
ii. Rated Discharge : 48.375 m3/s per machine
iii. Number of Turbines : 4
iv. Installed Capacity : 4 x 2.0 = 8.0 MW
v. Specific Speed of Turbine : 717.77 kW – rpm
vi. Rotational Speed of Turbine : 120 rpm


i. Type : Horizontal Axis Synchronous Generator coupled to turbine through a speed increasing gearbox
ii. Capacity : 2.353 MVA
iii. Number of Machines : 4
iv. Power Factor : 0.85
v. Frequency : 50Hz
vi. Number of Phases : 3
vii. Voltage : 3.3 kV
i. Type : Outdoor type self cooled
ii. Quantity : 1
iii. Capacity : 10 MVA
iv. Voltage : 3.3 / 33 kV
i. Speed on Turbine Side : 120 rpm
ii. Speed on Generator Side : 750 rpm
i. Cost of Project : Rs. 150.00 crores
ii. Cost per KW installed : Rs. 75,000/-
iii. Cost of energy : Rs. 2.21 / kWh.
iv. Cost of sale of Energy : Rs. 2.74/ kWh.


Bathnaha project can be established creating a small reservoir  on Parman River by constructing a diversion weir across  Parman River near Barthpur village.


Kosi River Basin in India from a part of the Gangetic plains and is situtated in direct path of the tropical depressions during the monsoon season 85% of the annual rainfall occurs in the monsoon period of June to October. The catchments in Nepal contributes a major portion of the run-off in the Kosi River.  The  Parman is river  Perennial River, which carriage huge discharge the boundary of Nepal is 6 km away of the  project site. The discharge also come from melting of Himalayan snow. The ground table is very high.  There is heavy seepage.  This river to Tributary to Mahananda basin. The hydrological studies of the  Parman River have been carried out in order to determine the Optimum Techno Economic Potential of the site to work out the design flood discharge and related issues.


This project after completion will generate the power (4 x  2 MW) with 20% over load (9.6 MW). The generated energy will be works out to be 35.075 GWH.


Socio-Economic condition of the area is not good. The project will improve the situation, as it would provide employment opportunities to the local people. This  project will also serve for the  purpose of flood control as well as improve the surrounding ground water level in every monsoon season, area and villages located on both banks of the Parman River face the threat of floods. Construction of  earthen bunds on both banks of  the river would thus not only provide requisite storage but would also ensure that the villages are protected from floods.   It is understood that Bihar Government is prepared to bear the expenditure of constructing the requisite earthen bunds and hence the cost of constructing these bunds shall not be charged to  Bathnaha HE Project.

The bridge will works as means of communication for the poor farmers. In this environmental friendly  project  which is  eligible for 35% subsidy of carbon credit.


The project is dividing in to following component.

  1. Forebay, Power House, Switchyard
  2. Tailrace
  3. Diversion weir with gated spillway
  4. Bridges



Civil Work

Tender for the execution of civil work   for the Bathnaha Power Project was floated in February 2010 and the work was allotted to M/s Tecsol Sierra   Engineering and Construction LLP. vide agreement  no. 09 on Nov. 18, 2010 with agreement cost of Rs. 42,73,94,400.00 including construction of  hydro mechanical gates.

 Hydro-Mechanical Work

Hydro-mechanical was allotted to M/s HPP with agreement cost of Rs. 2284.16 Lacs (Tax is extra as per statuary deduction in E/M works)


Civil works of Rs. 20,05,12,009.00

Mechanical works of Rs. 477.57 Lacs.

The work is held up since July  2013 to complete the balance work with prevailing schedule rate the amount comes to be

Civil works including hydraulic gates  Rs. 1,46,54,75,538.00

The increase in the cost is due to increase in the  quantity on the basis of construction drawing.  In the agreement the quantity was  based on DPR and also due to increase in the price of schedule  rate of  2009 to 2015-16 .

Mechanical works………………………….

Sl. No. Details of Project Administrative approval year & letter no. Bathnaha (Rs. in Lacs) Remarks
1. Project cost as per DPR 6561.89
2. Administrative approval Order no. 1411 dt. 23.03.11 6937.35
3. Initial fund available
   (i)            NABARD 6186.87
   (i)            State Govt. 375.02
Total 6561.89
4. MNRE Subsidy 490.00
5. Total fund available 7051.89
6. Fund Received till date
(i)  NABARD 6186.87
(ii) State Govt. 375.02
(iii) MNRE 269.50
Total 6831.39

Project Details


Company is fully equipped with the required infrastructure to implement project on hand apart from skilled manpower etc. All materials required for the project are readily available with the Company. Following is the man power strength of the company:

Engineers –> 20
Accountants –> 12
Cashier –> 4
Stores –> 15
Supervisors –> 50
Operators –> 30
Helpers –> 25
Security –> 15
Cook –> 5


15 cubic mtrs/hr concrete mixer –> 15
20 cubic mtrs/hr mixer –> 5
Concrete vibrators –> 30
40 mm needles –> 40
Heavy centering materials –> 25 thousand sft
Scaffoldings –> 2 lakhsft
Dewatering equipment –> 200 hp
Generators –> 8
In house fabrication –> 5 units
Inventory tools and tackles mis –> worth 100 laks
L & T Excavator PC 130 –> 4 Machines
L & T Excavator PC 210 zacsis/td> –> 3 Machine
TATA Hitachi 80 –> 2 Machine
Bar bending & Cutting Machine –> 3 set
TATA Hitachi 60 –> 2
Putzmeiser Concrete pump –> 1

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